RDR Roman rule, a wine that surprises

RDR Roman rule 2005 is a wine appellation of origin Ribera de Duero, Bodegas Parés Baltà, a wine cellar that, oddly enough, is located in the heart of the valley of Penedés. A wine cellar with up to 12 distinct brands, developed on the basis of different combinations of grapes, which cover the ranges of grape-Garnacha, Mencía, and even the Touriga Portuguese, while in white wines used from the classic grapes Macabeo until the Gewürtraminer, Germany.


Bodegas Pares balta

In Ribera del Duero grapes over traditional is that we all know as Tempranillo, but that in this area known as Tinto Fino, because it is adapted to the characteristics of this land. Such was the fame of which reached the wine made with Tinto Fino in Ribera del Duero, that the strains are depleted without being able to meet the demand, so they had to expand their crops with the variety of classic Tempranillo, which was thus changing their characteristics to suit the climatology of the area of the Douro.

When Bodegas Parés Baltà decided to invest in Ribera del Duero had to search for strains appropriate to make a wine in line with the characteristics of the winery itself, and so ended up mounting a winery in the Radish, close to valle del Duratón, a few kilometres from Peñafiel.

The presentation of their new wines of denomination of origin Ribera de Duero made in Madrid some few days and they got their purpose: to surprise the world winemaker with a few wines excellent.

  • Roman rule 2005 is a wine 100% made with grapes Tinto Fino, and thirteen months of aging in oak barrels. It is a signature wine of the Ribera, soft on the palate but full and round. Fills the senses, leaving a fruity flavour in the mouth, lightly toasted.
  • RDR Roman rule 2005 also spent 13 months in barrels, in this case, French oak and Hungarian, and with an alcoholic fermentation in barrels open 400 litres. The aroma is fruity, plums, and a few secondary aromas balsamic. Very expressive and full of feelings, that are completed in the mouth with a flavor that is powerful and concentrated.

A wine worthy of testing, without a doubt.